September 1, 2020

IBC 2020 On Location with 24i

Join 24i, our customers and partners, on location in Amsterdam every day of IBC 2020. From September 8th - 15th, join us on location in Amsterdam where we are talking to customers, partners, and colleagues about how businesses and technologies have developed since IBC last year. We also share insights on how to keep connected during the pandemic and tips on how to have fun when you do get to Amsterdam next!

Day 1 — Episode 1

Welcome to IBC On Location with 24i

In the first of our IBC On Location series, Martijn van Horssen, joint-CEO and Co-founder of 24i welcomes us to the RAI and our home city of Amsterdam. While all may be quiet on the ground without this year's show, the high demand for entertainment services, puts the streaming media industry in an enviable position of creating, delivering and supporting the flood of exciting new video services that have come to market since last year's show.

Martijn talks about how the bar has been raised to a new level for service providers to deliver truly competitive, premium video experiences and why this shines new importance on the growth of technical collaboration and innovation across the ecosystem. Martijn shares an update on 24i since joining the Amino family a year ago, and reminds us of the  importance of staying positive and having fun, even if we cannot do so  together in person this year.

Day 1 — Episode 2

Fun & Games in Rembrandtplein!

At 24i we work hard and have fun - especially during IBC.  In the 2nd episode of IBC On Location, Martijn van Horssen takes us to the Escape Club in Rembrandtplein, central Amsterdam, which is where we usually host the  famous 24i IBC party. While we cannot party together this year, Martijn gives us a master class on how to eat Dutch bitterballen as well as surprising us with a one-time-only performance from the 24i and Amino band… enjoy.

Day 2 — Episode 3

What's In The Name Cleeng?

Choosing a name is never easy, whether it is for a child, product or company. In episode 3 of IBC On Location, Kjeld Beijer, Partnerships Manager at 24i, visits our Amsterdam-based subscription technology partner, Cleeng to find out the origins of the company name and what that has to do with the popular Dutch vending snack bar the FEBO!

Talking outside his office on the Herengracht in the majestic heart of Amsterdam's Golden Corner, Luc Bleylevens, Senior Product Director at Cleeng, draws parallels between the district's role in the Dutch golden age of commerce and today's golden age of television.

With people in the US signing up to an average of four streaming video services during the COVID-19 pandemic, service providers are having to rapidly scale, offer new business models, and adopt smarter marketing tactics in order to keep pace with increased demand and competition. They also have to address the thorny issue churn. On this topic, Luc explains how, by using a mix of data and creativity,  providers are able to recognize pre-churn indicators and then address them with their subscribers before it's too late.

24i and Cleeng enrich and extend the services of multiple OTT service providers, including Broadway HD, the premier streaming service for live theatre.  → Read more

Day 2 — Episode 4

The Design System Powering Next-Generation Video Experiences

Building a video app for multiple platforms requires a lot of synergies. In Episode 4 of IBC On Location, Florian Laroye, VP Design at 24i, explains the role of the Design System powering 24i's Smart Apps product.

By synchronizing all the small elements which go into making a next-generation video app, Smart Apps makes it easy for OTT service providers, broadcasters, and operators to deliver one consistent and compelling user experience on any device.

With both white label and customized design options, Florian illustrates the flexibility of the Smart Apps design system and highlights how for customers such as Youfone in the Netherlands, it amongst other benefits, reduces time to market of new streaming video services and functionality.

Finally, Florian reminds us that design is all about emotions and that he looks forward to meeting in person soon!

→ Learn more about 24i Smart Apps

Day 3 — Episode 5

Meet Youfone – The Market Challenger

Episode 5 of IBC On Location takes us to the NDSM neighborhood in Amsterdam North, a vibrant haven for creatives challenging the norm of the Dutch art scene. Where better than to meet Sjors Hendriks, COO at Youfone, the Dutch MVNO challenging the market by offering people more value, choice, and freedom on how they bundle their internet, (mobile) phone and TV subscriptions.

Speaking to Vanessa Vigar, 24i's VP Marketing, Sjors explains Youfone's journey from mobile telephony to television and streaming video and how their recently-launched Android TV service offers even more choice and content to customers. Sjors explains why the service had to be launched in just five months and how this was made possible by the fast deployment of the 24i/Amino end-to-end multiscreen solution, and close collaboration with  Google.

He advises industry executives that that without trade events, such as IBC, they can get a good feel of where the market and technologies are heading by working more closely with existing technology partners and influencing their roadmaps. While on location, Sjors and Vanessa enjoy "Dutch sashimi" and another typical IBC breakfast!

→ Learn more about the Youfone Android TV Service

Day 3 — Episode 6

Insights & Innovation on the 24i Video Experience Platform

Launching a new product, or platform of products is always challenging, so why did we, 24i choose to launch our new Video Experience Platform during a pandemic? Pim Verbij, VP of Product at 24i, explains in the next episode of IBC On Location.

If anything, the pandemic has made the need for cloud-based solutions even more evident. Everything has changed - from the way we live, work and keep entertained.

As we are forced to connect and create remotely, smart software is making online collaboration possible from pretty much anywhere in the world. This shift, coupled with the sharp increase in consumer demand for streaming video, has resulted in a substantial increase of new subscriptions and traffic for many of 24i's customers.

The strength and flexibility of the 24i Video Experience Platform has therefore come into its own as it enables operators, broadcasters and content owners to rapidly scale and adapt their video services to attract and keep subscribers engaged. As Florian, our VP Design explained in a previous episode of IBC On Location, much of the control and fast time-to-market we provide to our customers, is powered by the underlying design system with the Video Experience Platform.

The pandemic has also forced streaming services to get creative. Good examples include Dutch broadcaster NPO, and the popular theatre streaming service BroadwayHD, which with their Watch Together events have enabled people to connect and share viewing experiences while they need to keep apart.

Looking ahead, the 24i product roadmap will focus on enriching our customer and the end-consumer viewing experience any way we can. This includes greater collaboration with partners across our Smart Ecosystem and providing new tools around areas such as data analytics, AB testing and other cutting edge second-screen functionality.

→ Learn more about the 24i Video Experience Platform

Day 4 — Episode 7

Streaming Is Better Together!

On our last day On Location at IBC, Kjeld Beijer, 24i's Partnerships Manager takes the opportunity to catch up with Unified Streaming's Rochelle Morrison and Anne Zant down by the Amsterdam waterfront.

From providing streaming solutions in the cloud or on-premise, Unified Streaming is a key partner within 24i's Smart Ecosystem and prides itself on enabling video service providers with encoding and real-time packaging to reach any device.

When talking to Kjeld on the effects the pandemic has had on the TV and video industry, Rochelle and Anne both cite examples of how some companies, including a few sports brands, are getting creative on how they produce live events while keeping within the new restrictions, and how others are offering new SVOD and AVOD content packages to entertainment-hungry audiences around the world.

Finally, Anne shares a tip on how to stay cool when you come to Amsterdam next time!

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Day 4 — Episode 8

24i Gets A New Look

In the last episode of our IBC On Location series, Florian Laroye, 24i's VP Design shares the journey the 24i brand is taking and the design principles that he and 24i Brand Designer, Katya Rassadina, are using to guide them along the way.

While 24i has developed enormously during its 11-year history, however, our brand has only had one update in all that time. About a year ago we decided it was time to apply the same creativity and innovation we bring to our industry to our own brand and give it a serious refresh.  

To do this Katya and I have followed a few key principles:

  1. Firstly, we removed the slash from the 24i logo to simplify it to the extreme. The numbers 24 and the letter 'i'  are enough and say it all: 24i = 24 Innovation. 
  2. Secondly, we replaced our letter fonts with modern alternatives. This helps us stand out in an ecosystem where companies are mostly fairly conservative in their branding. 
  3. The third principle is the introduction of two, new, primary colors - Crimson (pink?) and Peacock. Crimson evolves us from our previous dark red color pallet, brightening up our brand and representing our passion for what we do. Peacock represents 24i's professionalism and offers a darker more stable complement to the bright and fiery Crimson color.

We have already rolled out our new branding across our social channels, marketing campaigns, and materials and we look forward to it taking centerstage in our new 24i website which is coming soon.

→ Book a meeting with Florian to find out how to refresh your video brand

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