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Promoting streaming success...with a little help from our friends

Taking the uncertainty out of your streaming journey

Whether you’re upgrading your video streaming platform, or launching an entirely new service, you’ll want to keep tight control on both costs and time to market. And nothing derails project plans faster than a problematic integration. 

24i’s hand-picked selection of partners help our clients to by-pass the pain of integration and get straight to delivering a great user experience with all the specialist support they need. And our flexible platform architecture makes it easy for our clients to switch or add partner solutions in the future as their business needs develop.

Payments &
Subscriber Management

Get all the tools your business needs, instantly 

At 24i, we are team players. When you select our end-to-end solutions, you also gain access to a wide range of third-party tools and technologies.

Working seamlessly with your 24i backend and whitelabel front-end user experience, these solutions address business needs like reducing churn, increasing revenue and engagement, optimizing user journeys and improving content discovery.

Our partner ecosystem and close working relationships put
best-of-breed tools at your fingertips without the complexities and risk typically associated with a multi-vendor strategy.

Our coalition of success

The goal of our partner program is clear: to give our shared customers the best possible experience. With our pre-integrated partners, we’ve used open APIs to seamlessly combine their solutions with our Appstage front-end applications, our Backstage application management interface  and our Videostage backend platform. There’s also our thriving community of technology and platform partners who help ensure our products stay fully up-to-date with industry trends. Click through the tabs below to learn more. 

Partnership brings a business boost for everyone

Whether you’re a pay TV operator, OTT content provider, Broadcaster or a potential technology partner, you can look forward to significant benefits from the 24i partner program:

Partner benefits

  • Take profit of our Video Experience platform in RFI/ RFPs to (potential) customers
  • Co-create together based on customer insights
  • Easy onboarding into our powerful and flexible SaaS platform

Customer benefits

  • Efficient integration with back-office
    infrastructure and third party components
  • Create a competitive, next-generation video service with partner solutions
  • Always access to topnotch technologies and innovations to enrich your service

Want to be our partner?

Kjeld Beijer,
Partnerships at 24i