24i Mod Studio

One end-to-end streaming platform, a thousand ways to make it your own

A modular, end-to-end solution

For all your streaming needs

24i Mod Studio provides all the key capabilities required to launch and grow your streaming service – from ingest and transcode to elegant white label applications for all kinds of connected devices.

Streaming success at every stage

  • Ingest
  • Transcode
  • EPG
  • Package
  • DRM & CA
  • Storage
  • Origin
  • CDN
  • Live & VOD

Videostage. Our award-winning video backend 

Why build your own video infrastructure when we’ve got all the Mods you need to ingest, prepare, protect, store and deliver VOD, live TV and FAST channels to embrace a range of streaming business models?

  • Manage Video
  • Manage Metadata
  • Integrations
  • Advertising
  • Segmentation
  • Reporting

Backstage. Our essential interface

Our real-time app management console & integration layer is the brains of Mod Studio. Configure your UX code-free, curate content, drive engagement and hook-in third party tools.

  • Multi platform apps
  • Search & Discovery
  • HD & 4K
  • Authentication
  • Entitlements
  • Personalization
  • Engagement

Appstage. Our flawless and engaging front-end

Everything you need to reach and engage with your streaming audience. Includes feature-rich, white-label apps for web, mobile, streaming devices and Smart TV.

Tailored Solutions for every kind of streaming service

24i Mod Studio already drives success for all kinds of streaming services. Click below to discover more about our tailored solutions for different markets.



Your SVOD, AVOD or TVOD content library and FAST channels on a wide range of consumer connected devices.

Our OTT clients include:

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Your SVOD, AVOD or TVOD content library and FAST channels on a wide range of consumer connected devices.

Our broadcaster clients include:

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Looking for multi-channel TV & catch-up on all devices? Check out our range of options, including our TVaaS solution, FokusonTV.

Our PayTV clients include:

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Award-winning 24i

Here are just some of the awards that 24i has won in recent years.

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Which Mods will make up your perfect solution?

Find out how you can get creative with 24i Mod Studio


A fully cloud-hosted solution to meet all your live and VOD preparation needs


Upload VOD files to our cloud ingest workflow to get started quickly, without investing in limited encoding resources. Burst upwards to handle special events and peaks in content acquisitions without needing to acquire dedicated resources. Or encode live streams with full support for time-shift using our pre-integrated partner encoding solutions.


Ingest and edit metadata and images to enhance your user experience. Import third-party data (e.g. Gracenote, Red Bee, Rovi etc.). Create forward and backward EPGs, connect to our 24iQ recommendations and personalization solution, and make your metadata available to other systems via API’s.


Transcode to HLS, DASH or Smooth Streaming for live and VOD on every device. Package with multi-DRM (Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay). Configure content rules: geo-blocking, concurrent stream limits, user entitlements and parental controls.


Choose cloud-hosted or on-premises origin servers to host your streams, files and time-shifted TV. Cloud-hosted resources feature auto-scaling.


Videostage is CDN-agnostic. Select our private CDN solution or one of our pre-integrated partners to best suit your budget and enjoy fastest deployment. Or bring your own CDN solution for easy integration.

Backstage & Appstage

As you'd expect, Videostage is seamlessly integrated with both Backstage and Appstage ensure a frictionless flow of content from ingest to cross-platform front-end applications.

Ads & Recommendations

Videostage and Appstage are integrated with leading SSAI solutions for Manifest Manipulation and Ad serving.  Support pre, mid and post rolls; and protect your revenue against skipping ahead.


Reach every screen
without compromising on style

Appstage gives you the speed of off-the-shelf apps for big screens and small,
with the flexibility and freedom to achieve the UI of your dreams.

Cross-Device Playback

Keep consumers watching with content discovery & promotion

Intuitive navigation keeps customer journeys simple. Advanced features like personalization, recommendations, binge-watching, ratings and notifications make sure it’s always easy to find something great to watch.

As competition grows, it pays to stay flexible

With Appstage you can pivot to new business models as consumer trends shift. Combine free and paid content to tempt new sign-ups and increase your app chart ranking. Or run multiple brands in parallel - a premium service for TV subscriber households and a stripped-back offering for OTT-only customers.

A consistent video playback experience

Appstage supports multiple native and commercial player solutions, DRMs and streaming formats for consistent and seamless playback on all devices. It’s designed to grow with your business, offering support for 4K, trickplay, multi-track audio, subtitles and more. 

Take control of your user experiences


Real-time UX and integration manager

Backstage is the brains behind the 24i Mod Studio, serving as a middleman between the apps and backend systems. Its cloud-based console puts you in control of your UX, console and app statistics. Changes can be published instantly or scheduled in advance.

App Management: No coding required

Backstage is the centralized hub for managing the whole video experience. Build menus, pages, content collections and personalized playlists of recommended content. Apply changes to one device or all, allowing for different strategies per screen type.

Set up profiles, target user segments, manage the login process and apply geoblocking or configure advertising strategies. With Backstage, the possibilities are endless.

Bring your branded apps and assets to life across all platforms

Improve Navigation

Configure menus in your own way, with the option to change per device.

Promote Content

Choose from attractive layout options to build pages of playlists.

Aid content discovery

Create static, dynamic and personalized content playlists.

Spotlight channels

Manage EPG data or build virtual VOD channels to emulate linear TV.

Customize Design

Configure colours, logos, icons and buttons universally or per device

With a little help from our friends!

Want to up your streaming game with advanced analytics, an AI-powered recommendation engine or a third-party video player? The beauty of 24i Mod Studio is that we’re pre-integrated with all these options and more, from our own solutions or those of our partners.

And if you’ve already got a video backend from one of our many partners, we can easily hook it up to our frontend using the Backstage integration layer. 

Get creative in our Studio

So how do a bunch of Mods become a solution that’s tailored to your needs?

You can either choose one of our predefined OTT Studio packages, or pick just the few Mods you need to complement your existing infrastructure. We call that our Premiere Select approach.

And if you’re looking for a Pay TV solution, find out more about the options available with our FokusOn platform.

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Virgin Media Unveils New FAST Channels powered by Amagi and 24i

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