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Personalize to Survive

Still believe personalization is a “nice to have” that you’ll deploy sometime in the future? Data from our streaming customers shows you can’t afford to wait. 

Download our infographic to see how personalization is powering growth for both subscription and ad-funded streaming services, including: 

✓ Increased visits per user

✓ Longer viewing times per user

✓ A wider range of content watched

✓ Reductions in subscriber churn

The Ultimate Rival?

In the labyrinth of streaming services, today's viewers grapple with fragmentation, overload, and frustration.

Dive into our whitepaper to discover how 24i's solution empowers both users and providers to navigate this maze together effectively. Explore features such as:

✓ Content Aggregation

✓ Seamless Experiences

✓ Data-driven Strategies

Five essential engagement-boosting strategies

User-specific content recommendations make it easier for users to find and watch more of your video.

This e-guide is packed with first-hand hints and tips about what works (and what doesn’t!) from the BBC and Sky, plus 24i’s experts and customers.

Download it now to learn more about:

✓  Combining algorithms and editorial for maximum impact

✓  Using psychology to improve your engagement

✓  Making the most of post-play opportunities

✓  Maximizing your metadata connections

✓  Optimizing and personalizing your marketing messages

Does your streaming service have The Flex Factor?

In a fast-moving industry, how can you avoid getting stuck in a streaming rut? The key is to build adaptability into four essential elements of your technology platform.

Download our e-guide to find out why it’s essential to have The Flex Factor in these four areas: 

✓ User Experience

✓ Business model

✓ Content curation & discovery

✓ Integrations

¿Tiene su servicio de streaming el Factor Flexibilidad?

Con los cambios en nuestra industria sucediéndose a un ritmo vertiginoso, ¿cómo puedes evitar que tu negocio de streaming se quede estancado?, la clave es construir la máxima adaptabilidad alrededor de cuatro elementos esenciales de tu plataforma tecnológica.

Descarga nuestra guía electrónica y descubre por qué es fundamental contar con El Factor Flexibilidad en estas 4 áreas:

✓ La Experiencia de usuario

✓ El Modelo de negocio

✓ La Preparación y descubrimiento de contenidos

✓ Las Integraciones con terceros

Four ways to up your streaming game

Some streaming challenges are universal. Get the benefit of 24i’s 12+ years experience in delivering streaming solutions for Pay TV and OTT on big scenes and small

Download our e-guide for hints and tips that will help you: 

✓  Maximise your reach

✓  Optimise your UX

✓  Succeed on Smart TVs

✓  Reduce costs

Tales from OTT frontline

How do niche streaming services survive and thrive in the streaming wars? Six of our customers have shared their stories with us. 

Download our whitepaper to get practical tips and advice from companies on how they have tackled issues including: 

✓ UX challenges

✓ Analytics

✓ Business strategy

Pay TV Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

Feeling the strain of maintaining and upgrading your Pay TV infrastructure? Ready for an easier life? 

Read our case study‑packed whitepaper to learn how operators have found a less painful way to succeed and keep costs under control including: 

✓ Launch a new Android TV STB in just five months

✓ Running an entire Pay TV operation with just one employee

✓ Operating three brands on multiple screens from one platform

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