March 7, 2024

The evolution of the Subscriber. Chapter 2: Combating your Ultimate Rival

By Sebastian Braun, SVP Product at 24i

Reaching viewers across any device at any time is crucial for content providers, but the ever-growing variety of devices creates a complex prioritization challenge.  
Matching content types with a suitable device for optimal monetization adds yet another layer of complexity. OTT or Pay TV content providers who successfully navigate this maze, like some who offer unified experiences across devices, still face fierce competition from every app vying for user attention.

While some technology providers attempt to aggregate content in one search screen, the reality is that consumers often face a fragmented landscape of apps that don't communicate, confusing budgets, and unexpected bills... leading to workarounds like password sharing (as seen with Netflix's recent crackdown).  

But the funny part of the story is realizing who emerges as the biggest competitor. Would you happen to know who that is?

The Ultimate Rival might surprise you as it is not another streaming platform but PIRATES. There are tons of them.

Unbound by rights and restrictions, pirates GOT IT RIGHT! They can offer a unified, easily accessible experience, albeit with ethical and privacy concerns, sometimes seemingly FOR FREE. In reality, users of such services pay with their personal data to drive higher Ad values for Pirates. In some cases, pirates offer elaborate yet easy-to-understand subscription options.

Your audiences, seeking a seamless solution that fits them in terms of affordability, may be more tempted than not to sacrifice privacy for convenience. Think about it: have you not been tempted yourself?

This highlights the critical role that service providers play in offering a user-friendly experience without compromising ethics, brand reputation, creator dissatisfaction, rights management issues, or security threats.

NO! Not at all. While piracy might initially appear as a convenient way to access content, it's important to recognize that it comes with significant ethical and security risks for users. Plus, pirate services often provide lower-quality streams.

At 24i, we believe there’s room for a much brighter future circling around streamlined, personalized, and safer alternatives. Hassle-free. That's why we help our customers leverage data-driven strategies like personalized recommendations, which have already been proven successful with significant broadcasters.  

Not just that, our teams stand for making the future of content and video experiences iconic. And how? Well, enabling a safe universe where content creators, distributors and industry partners are empowered by census-level audience data, so they can tailor their offerings for specific viewers, ensuring everyone discovers hidden gems they enjoy and that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

It also helps them combat any service fragmentation by bringing back simplicity through intelligent content aggregation and dynamic audience recommendations. This allows turning that dream of managing all content in one place into a reality, not just at home on the main TV, but aligned to the evolution of the audiences’ needs who are already embracing trends like in-car entertainment, virtual reality, and new dynamic, personalized experiences across all platforms.

Navigating the Future of Entertainment Together

The future of entertainment promises a thrilling ride filled with self-driving cars streaming personalized content and immersive VR experiences, and who knows what other innovations are waiting around the corner? Yet, new complexities and potential fragmentation emerge with each exciting step forward.

At 24i, we recognize this challenge and embrace it as an opportunity for our customers, partners, and teams.  

We believe the key to a thriving future lies in collaboration, not competition. Partnering with content creators, viewers, and technology providers, we can navigate the complexities and ensure an inclusive, enriching entertainment experience for all.

In summary, we can offer a universe where:

  • Content seamlessly adapts to your environment. Whether in a self-driving car, wearing a VR headset, or relaxing on the couch, the content adjusts to provide the perfect viewing experience.
  • Data empowers creators and viewers. Audience insights allow creators to tailor offerings while viewers discover content they love, limiting frustration and wasted time.
  • Devices become gateways, not barriers. Technology census-level audience data empower content creators, distributors, and industry partners to connect the content to your community's desires, regardless of the platform or device.

This might seem like science fiction, but it's within reach with collaborative efforts.  

We invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you're a content creator, a viewer, or simply someone who believes in a better media future, together, we can connect content with audiences and audiences with content, shaping a future where entertainment brings us closer, not further apart.

Let's shape the future together.

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