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The Power of Personalization

Improving content engagement is essential to streaming success. Personalization is the key. Here’s how our OTT, broadcast and pay TV customers achieve their business goals with our 24iQ personalization platform:


Personalization improves content discovery

Users watched 3.4 more items per month on one streaming service when they interacted with personalized recommendations generated by 24iQ


Personalization increases watch time

Visitors who interacted with 24iQ recommendations on another streaming service spent 1.8 times longer watching content than those who didn’t


Personalization reduces churn

Established subscribers were 43% less likely to churn from one customer’s service if they’d watched at least one video recommended by 24iQ

24iQ is an out-of-the-box, engagement-boosting technology platform that harnesses advanced algorithms and AI to help your users find more of your video content.

It’s fast to deploy with many built-in recommendations models. You can control it yourself, or let our expert team of data scientists do it for you. Either way, you can define and optimize your ideal personalization solution.

24iQ - What’s in the box?

24iQ delivers high quality personalization solutions for AVOD, SVOD, Broadcast & FAST streaming services. It works on any device, in any language, and for any content type.
It’s available in three flexible flavors: 24iQ Essentials, 24iQ Advanced and 24iQ Enterprise. Here are some of the ways you can use the power of 24iQ to achieve your goals:

User Recommendations

Fast-track the content discovery experience. 24iQ uses the latest AI technology to generate real time, dynamic recommendations based on user behavior and content associations. Use it to drive content rails in your streaming apps including:

• Recommended for You
• More Like This, Because You Watched
• People Also Watched
• Trending, Most Popular, Latest
• Thematic Collections Derived Using AI

Recommendations can be account-based or targeted to user profiles within a household. Get started fast with our pre-configured models, then make them your own. Mix and match approaches for bespoke personalization that you control.

Intelligent Search

Upgrade your search to a smarter content discovery experience. When a simple search provides no results, 24iQ’s data intelligence limits the chances of a customer hitting a dead-end. 

It powers advanced search functions that surface more of your library for increased engagement and loyalty:

• Advanced entity search (by runtime, mood, franchise, etc.)
• Popular search
(“People also searched for…”)
• Personalized search
to prioritize results that closely match a user’s tastes
• More Like This
models can suggest videos similar to the search term used
• Mood-based and thematic search
to go far beyond genre-based searches

UX Personalization

The future of streaming is hyper personalization. Maximize play conversions and engagement with 24iQ to create a UX that’s fully tailored per user: 

• Order content within lanes to highlight the items most likely to appeal to each user segment/cluster
Re-order lanes on a page to prioritize content that matches each user’s viewing history
• Downweight previously watched items
to maximize exposure for fresh content
• Pin promoted items
to prime positions in support of your business goals
• Manage content duplication
across lanes to make the most of valuable screen real-estate 

Pick and choose the features you want for your ideal balance of editorial curation and data-driven automation.

FAST Personalization

Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels have exploded in popularity. But as FAST content expands, discovery becomes challenging. 24iQ helps streaming services  layer personalization onto their FAST channels to: 

• Create personalized FAST channels based on a user’s content preferences
• Adjust the FAST EPG per user
to highlight channels that appeal to their tastes and downrate those that are less likely to be of interest. 

24i works with a range of leading FAST channel providers to help streaming services expand their reach and grow their audience. This includes the provision of personalized, owned and operated apps alongside distribution of FAST channels to aggregators.

Metadata Enhancement

High quality metadata is the essential foundation for successful search, discovery, “more like this” recommendations, and optimized advertising CPM. You no longer need to employ an army of editors to get it. 24iQ’s generative AI and data-science specialists can: 

Automate creation of additional metadata including Keywords and Tags
Identify mood and theme per asset for innovative search
Restructure metadata to develop more effective frameworks of genre/subgenre
Extract metadata from video using AI with our technology partners 
Create images from video for thumbnail personalisation per audience segment

Personalized Messaging

Personalization shouldn’t end when your app is closed. It should extend throughout your customer journey. Connect 24iQ’s APIs to your marketing tools for tailored messaging both on and off your streaming platform: 

• Personalized emails featuring “recommended for you” suggestions
• Tailored push notifications
prompting continued watching or offering something new that suits a user’s tastes
• Marketing intelligence
on the ideal time to email a user based on their viewing habits

These techniques are shown to increase marketing click-throughs up to 200%!  24iQ data can also help Pay TV operators retain subscribers for their broadband and telephony services.

Personalized Advertising

Use 24iQ to maximize your AVOD and FAST revenue. Connect our APIs to your advertising provider to sync user behavior data with ad inventory for a higher CPM. Your users get a more relevant experience, while advertisers reach a more valuable audience.

• Increase CPM by connecting advertising taxonomies to content and user data
• Identify cohorts
of users with similar behaviors to target with higher value, personalized ads 
• Create business opportunities
as you identify content that’s ripe for advertising promotions

User Intelligence

Are you making the most of the valuable behavioral data available in your streaming apps? 24iQ’s dynamic data store contains a wealth of information about each (anonymized) user, from play history and dwell time to preferred device and time of day for viewing. This data is used to derive engagement stats, advertising intelligence, and behavioral segmentation. 

Use 24iQ to inform your business intelligence, modeling, and strategy development:

• Capture and report dynamic variables on user behavior
• Connect external services
to keep all your data stores in sync
• Inform client side projects
from churn reduction and marketing to advertising and brand messaging

Interested in what 24iQ personalization can do for your streaming service?

24iQ At-a-glance

Robust, scalable and easy-to-integrate APIs

Quickly deploy our fully resilient and reliable cloud-based solution with any streaming technology platform

Pre-integrated with 24i Mod Studio & FokusOn

Launch and grow with 24iQ, ready to use with our white-label solutions for OTT, Broadcast/FAST, and Pay TV

Structured A/B Testing Engine

Model different approaches with your choice of user base and measure success through comprehensive reporting

Intuitive management portal

Configure bespoke data models, define business rules, visualize the results a user would see before you go live

Detailed user analytics

Make informed decisions about your business with detailed user insights, clear data dashboard and flexible data export API

Data science expertise

Rely on our experts to guide your personalization journey, with an easy transition path to a fully self-serve approach if and when it suits you

Which 24iQ personalization option will you choose?

Are you looking for an end-to-end streaming solution with built-in recommendations and the ability to scale as you grow? Or are you in the market for something truly unique that you can integrate with your existing streaming platform? We’ve got a 24iQ option tailored to your needs:

New to personalization?

Start your recommendations journey with 24iQ Essentials It’s built-in to our solutions for OTT, Broadcast and Pay TV

24iQ Essentials

  • Drive engagement with our out-of-the-box recommendations models
  • Improve content discovery with smarter search features
  • Dive into the data with our standard analytics and A/B testing
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Looking for more?

Step-up your personalization game with 24iQ Advanced Combine ready-to-use functionality with professional service elements

24iQ Advanced

  • Create & tune bespoke models to suit your needs on top of our standard models
  • Add AI-based metadata enhancement to the 24iQ Essentials functionality
  • Go deep into your data with advanced analytics and A/B testing
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Want total control?

Define your own solution with 24iQ Enterprise Layer professional services on top of 24iQ in combination with any streaming platform

24iQ Enterprise

  • Integrate 24iQ into your choice of streaming platform via our robust & scalable APIs
  • Pick 24iQ features a la carte, including personalized messaging & page layout
  • Get data smart with our enterprise analytics
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“We’ve been delighted with how the 24i team has worked continuously with us to generate meaningful recommendations for each customer. It has been an effortless and pleasurable experience to integrate with them.”
Sacha Stanton, CTO at MGM+

Why choose 24iQ?


Out-of-the-box personalization models for rapid deployment


Designed for full configurability to meet your specific needs


API solution suitable for use with any streaming platform

Any language

APIs are language agnostic & suitable for multilingual apps

Any content

Ideal for use with movies, TV series, sports, articles & more

Any business model

Optimized for SVOD, AVOD, FAST & broadcast streaming services

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