November 9, 2017

OTT Day Los Angeles

This year we are visiting Next TV CEO Summit from 2-3 November, located at the Biltmore in Miami. We are looking forward to meet you there!

About Next TV CEO Summit

This is the fourth edition of the Latin American Summit of TV, video and Entertainment business related CEOs. It is extended to two days to discuss the challenges of the transformation of the traditional pay TV.

In addition to Pay TV operators and TV channels leaders, this edition will bring the new players in the market that are capturing new audiences on the Internet: OTT VOD, cinema and TV producers negotiating with them, new linear pay TV OTTs, main social networks whose main content is now the video, the music levaquin order online industry that led the multi-channels networks audience in Internet based on advertising, traditional media and radio migrating to online video.

This new edition of NexTV CEO Latin America 2017 is placed in Coral Gables, a Miami district with the largest hub of TV businesses for Latin America. And it will also be bridge to the new emerging TV services in the United States that expand into the region. A VIP environment where the networking is as important as learning. The event that is at the forefront of TV business transformation in the Americas.


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