April 21, 2021

More than just software: Putting the “Service” back into “Software as a Service”

At 24i we’re constantly developing our solutions for OTT services and Pay TV providers. As the industry has evolved, we’ve shifted our focus from designing and developing custom front-end applications to offering end-to-end solutions that cover both the video processing backend and whitelabel, multi-platform frontend applications, along with everything else in between!

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is increasingly popular, particularly among our OTT customers who want a cloud-based, professionally hosted solution to their challenges of  processing VOD and live events and publishing them to the world. A SaaS model is fast and cost-effective. But that doesn’t mean it has to be faceless. 

Putting the spotlight on our team

There are plenty of competitors in this SaaS market, but we like to think that it’s the team at 24i that makes the difference to our customers. So in a series of blog posts, I’m going to be putting the spotlight on our team and demonstrating how they bring added value to our OTT and Pay TV customers, over and above the fantastic capabilities of our software. 

For the first of these posts, I’d like to introduce you to Azul Islas from our Account Management team. Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Azul works with our North American clients like BroadwayHD, Flow Sports, PureFlix and the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). 

Account Management With A Personal Touch

Like her counterparts in Europe, Azul’s role is to be a first point of contact for her allocated customers - not just during the “go live” phase of a project, but throughout the entire lifetime of the customer’s relationship with 24i. This is something that we recognise is not offered by many SaaS operations and our customers tell us is really important to them. They want to know that their needs are being overseen by an individual who cares about their business rather than a generic support team who may not understand their operations and priorities. 

I’m their advocate. If they have any problem or they are looking for any expertise about the industry, I am the one who can solve their problem, or find someone at the company who can help them.”

Azul believes the personal touch means a lot to our customers: "They always know where to find me, and they know that we will be there for them. We care about them and we want the best for their business. So I think that makes a big difference.”

You can hear Azul talk describe the importance of the account management team in her own words in this short video: 

A day in the life of a senior account manager

On a day-to-day level, Azul stresses that the most important part of her job is communication. “I have regular catch ups with all my clients, checking that things are going well, identifying new ways in which we can help them achieve their business goals. Obviously if there’s an issue then I’ll also liaise with the technical teams at 24i and the project manager to ensure that things are resolved quickly and the customer is kept in the loop at all times.” 

Being proactive is also a top priority. “When new devices get launched in the market or we’ve added some new functionality, I want to make sure our clients are able to reach that device or take advantage of the functionality.” And for clients who operate on an events basis, such as Broadway HD’s popular “watch parties” or CHL’s major live games, Azul is on hand to make sure that everything’s going smoothly. As you’ll see from this blog, the account management team also gets involved to help our customers to optimize the reach and performance of their Apps

Stepping into the spotlight

Azul and the account management team are the customer face of 24i, but there’s also a great team of other specialists in our offices from Amsterdam, Helsinki and Madrid to Brno in the Czech Republic, Burlingame in the USA, and Buenos Aires in Argentina. 

In my next few blog posts I’m looking forward to introducing more of our specialists including members of our design, quality assurance, project management and product development teams.

By Joachim Bergman, CEO at 24i

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