January 6, 2020

Modern TV Experiences Driving The Future of TV

As we start a new year and decade at CES 2020, we cannot help but think about how we gain clarity around what the future of the TV looks like. We have seen significant change in the past several years as consumers opt out of Pay TV contracts and pursue seemingly endless alternatives in the form of vMVPD, SVOD or D2C services. Even as more content is being produced, the future of TV is dependent on what consumers really want.

We believe consumers want what we call a modern TV experience. A modern TV experience gives the consumer rich, engaging, flexible and personalised ways to access and consume video content. We already know that consumers are using more devices than ever before to watch videos. While the TV itself is still a meaningful device it is. by its very nature, limited to in-home viewing. Networks continue to advance with 5G rollouts underway and improved WiFi solutions fulfilling consumer demand for connectivity on any device.

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By Donald McGarva, Group Chief Executive Officer, Amino

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