April 28, 2021

Meeting operator business goals through the 24i end-to-end video platform

Although our operator clients are all different, it’s become increasingly clear over the last 12 months they are not as different as you might think. All operators need as many streams as possible, Catch-up TV, nPVR and OTT services that reach screens of all sizes.

There are key functions that they all need to cover, such as ingest, transcoding, encryption, content management and storage, and distribution of live TV, often over a managed network and OTT through a CDN.

At the same time, operators are working to keep CAPEX to a minimum and only increasing OPEX in-line with subscriber growth.

To help operators achieve these goals, we’ve poured the streaming knowledge and expertise we’ve built-up over the last 12 years into our end-to-end video platform that combines all of these functionalities. And on costs, we’ve gone one better, as the financial model of our turnkey platform ensures that the cost per user actually drops as your subscriber numbers increase –feeding straight through to your bottom-line.

Our platform approach means that:

  • Your service can be up and running in months rather than years
  • You enjoy a predictable per subscriber OPEX pricing model with low CAPEX
  • Our pre-integrated technology model removes the issues seen with bespoke integrations of best-of-breed solutions, including the finger-pointing between vendors when something goes wrong (as the saying goes, “one neck to choke, one hand to shake”)
  • The ease of management of our platform minimizes maintenance costs – for instance one of our operator customers manages a fully-featured video service with a technical team of just one person, we do the rest.
  • Our industry-leading expertise with frontend apps ensures you can reach all major device categories
  • We can even enable you to provide a modern video experience on legacy Linux set-top-boxes
  • You aren’t buying a static technology stack – our end-to-end platform evolves over time, so you’re future-proofing your infrastructure.

We have some great use-cases that demonstrate just how simple we make life for our end-to-end customers. The Dutch MVNO Youfone, deployed our end-to-end architecture platform to launch the Netherlands’ first Android TV Operator Tier service. This deployment covered everything from content ingestion and transcoding to customer care and content distribution. The project was ready to be launched in just five months, instead of the typical 12 to 18-month timeframe for this complexity of project. This time-to-market is phenomenal and shows the breadth and flexibility of the 24i platform.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with me, or download our end-to-end solution guide.

We are also publishing a whitepaper that outlines how a turnkey solution can reduce the pain of pay TV operations. If you’d like a copy of that on the day it’s published, or you’d just like to talk about your pay TV needs, please click here.

By Lennart Broers, Business Development for End-to-End Video Technology, 24i

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