January 7, 2016

Kaltura integrates 24i Media's TV Everywhere Interface with its OTT TV Platform

Uniform multiscreen UI, combined with Kaltura’s backend platform, reduces time to market for OTT TV launches

Kaltura Inc., provider of the leading video technology platform, today announced that it has partnered with TV app developer 24i Media to offer the SmartTemplate user interface as a new front end for its OTT TV platform. The integration of the SmartTemplate TV app with Kaltura’s OTT TV backend platform means that companies can now launch a full multiscreen OTT service in a matter of weeks – the fastest time to market available today. The integration builds on both companies’ expertise from large-scale OTT deployments, offering scalability and a template-based approach for easy customization and enhancements at any time.

24i’s TV Everywhere interface includes templates that have been incorporated into Kaltura’s OTT TV platform. This allows companies to launch a uniform OTT user experience across multiple devices from the outset. Supporting live and on-demand content, the interface offers an intuitive dashboard for easy navigation, social sharing and personalized user profiles across smart TVs, tablets, mobiles and other connected devices.

Also, all future innovations on the Kaltura OTT TV roadmap will be supported on the TV app, meaning that customers can transition smoothly as new versions are released, with minimal time and investment.

Kaltura and 24i’s templates support smart TVs and lean STBs as well as game consoles, and even allow the service provider to cherry-pick specific platforms to use for their various audiences, based on territory and other criteria. The templates also incorporate Kaltura’s engaging viewer experience that is easy to use on any device.

According to Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO, “TV is changing rapidly, and it’s increasingly difficult for service providers, content owners, broadcasters and operators to keep pace. Our goal is to ensure that our customers stay ahead of the game by continually offering them product enhancements, greater flexibility and scalability. By integrating 24i Media’s OTT TV app with our backend, we significantly lower the entry barrier for reaching the ten foot experience, and offer customers even more choice to launch a fast, cost-effective multiscreen OTT service today that can be easily enhanced in the future.”
“Introducing our SmartTemplate TV app with Kaltura is another milestone for 24i Media,” said Martijn van Horssen, CEO of 24i Media. “Together we offer an integrated, world-class end-to-end solution for OTT deployment, with maximum functionality and innovation at minimal costs and implementation hassle. Our successful cooperation with Kaltura confirms and strengthens our ambition to shape and form the spearhead of the future of TV by delivering simply the best front-end user experience in close cooperation with our strategic partners.”

At CES, Kaltura will demonstrate how the integration of 24i Media’s TV Everywhere interface with Kaltura’s backend platform provides a uniform cross-device experience on mobile, web, and smart TVs, with applications that can run on Roku, Apple TV, smart TV, Amazon Fire and more.

About Kaltura

Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. A recognized leader in the OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets, Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal. Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers and educational institutions and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school. The company is committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration, and is the initiator and backer of the world’s leading open-source video-management project, which is home to more than 100,000 community members. For more information visit www.kaltura.com, www.kaltura.org, or www.html5video.org.

About 24i Media

24i conceives, designs, develops, deploys and maintains high value TV apps for all internet-connected screens: Smart TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, tablets and mobiles. With more than 35 media professionals, 24i services world-leading broadcasters, operators and content-owners, like RTL, FOX, KPN, Pluto.TV and NGSN, enabling them to gain a massive competitive advantage in the media industry with innovative and break-through TV apps, enabling new monetization strategies by establishing interactive and personalized relationships with TV content consumers. As a highly focused and skilled front-end specialist, 24i is a true network organization and works in strategic partnerships with TV platform manufacturers, technology solutions providers, OVPs and other suppliers in the TV chain. 24i is founded in 2009 and headquartered in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), with offices in Spain (Madrid), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and the USA (Los Angeles).
For more information, visit www.24i.com.

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