April 18, 2017

End-to-end delivery of OTT Products and the Business Opportunities

Join us as we discuss OTT products and the business opportunities with our customer Sinclair Broadcasting Group and partner, Verizon Digital Media Services in a panel at NAB.

The way consumers enjoy media is constantly evolving, creating opportunities and challenges for both new entrants and established players. In 2017, the rate of change only seems to be accelerating and morphing to match modern tastes. To succeed, TV networks and broadcasters are re-imagining their businesses to meet viewers’ modern expectations.

This panel will provide attendees with actionable insights into delivering end-to-end OTT products and the business opportunities it offers with key insight and learnings from the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in America, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., and the steps to driving revenue and engage consumers on multiple platforms.

During this panel, several key questions will be explored, including:

–       What are the main technical and operational challenges for going OTT?

–       Capitalizing on technology, business models and devices for scalability and OTT Success

–       How hard is it to integrate broadcast and OTT workflows?

–       How to successfully deliver OTT products across multiple brands

–       Multiplatform viewing: mobile, connected device, and smart TV


Ben Miller, VP digital products at Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Joseph Hopkins, CRO at Verizon Digital Media Services

Martijn Van Horssen, CEO at 24i Media

Moderator: Glenn Hower, Senior Analyst, Parks Associate

When & Where

Wednesday April 26th 2:30PM – 3:00 PM | CM|IP Pavilion in South Upper Hall

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