April 21, 2017

Current VR Experiences Lack Context Required for Real Engagement

The Virtual Reality industry will surpass $10Bn in revenues globally by 2022.

This growth will be driven by the creation of compelling experiences that allow the user to Experience, Preview, and Escape reality. While the virtual reality (VR) market is poised to grow tremendously over the next several years, a recent study from the User Experience Strategies (UXS) service discovered that current VR experiences lack the type of context required for real engagement with the medium.

The research further adds that the growth in VR market will be driven by the creation of compelling experiences that allows users to experience, preview, and escape the reality. Early adopters of VR are the predominant gamers who are driven to the medium with the promise of ‘being there’. However, the biggest risks for the VR market are lack of context, lack of social capabilities and the hard-wired headset restricting player movement.  

“There are a number of ways that VR can be made more compelling: design content from the ground-up for VR to make use of its immersive properties; contextualize VR experiences to provide real emotional engagement with the content; and ensure sensory engagement with VR content through the ability to touch, see, and hear what’s happening in virtual spaces.” Commented Mathew Alton, Research Analyst and report author.

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