February 4, 2021

24i’s new whitepaper ‘Tales from the OTT Frontline” reveals first-hand accounts of how streaming services can achieve OTT Success

For more than a decade, 24i has been leading the global OTT revolution and helping media companies and broadcasters launch highly successful streaming services. We’re pleased that together with our customers, we can add value to the industry with our new ‘Tales from the OTT frontline’ whitepaper.

The streaming media landscape is changing fast and there are enormous opportunities and challenges for industry players. While it is easy to think that the big players will get a bigger piece of the OTT pie, smaller, specialty services are proving that not only can they directly compete, but they can even win the OTT race. Who is better placed to give insights into this journey than those who have successfully launched and operated an OTT service?

Representatives from Pure Flix, Topic, Game Show Network, BroadwayHD, Flow Sports, and Newsmax share their experiences and lessons learned on how they achieved OTT success, providing invaluable insights and ways to avoid common pitfalls. While everyone’s content offering and journey is unique, there are four critical factors every successful streaming service must focus on:

  • Knowing, nurturing, and growing your audience
  • Getting your business strategy right
  • Providing an intuitive user experience
  • Ensuring operational ease at scale

Read the full Whitepaper here and get in touch to discuss how 24i can help you ensure your OTT success.

By Linda Abrams, Head of Business Development, N. America at 24i

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