January 13, 2016

24i’s founding partners in Top-10 “Best Entrepreneurial Team of 2015”

24i Media is proud to announce that Martijn van Horssen and Hans Disch are nominated in the Top-10 of Best Entrepreneurial Teams of the Year. 2015 was the third year in a row that Dutch entrepreneurial teams competed for this coveted title.

“With the Entrepreneur Team Award, we reward and honor entrepreneurial teams that succeeded to form a very strong team. A team that consists of complimentary partners who strive for the same ambition and excel in cooperation, will result in above average innovation, better financial results and faster growth. This is what we recognize in our Top-10,” says Bram van Beek, director of TeamVenture, organizing the Awards with its partners Accenture, InvestorMatch and Computable.

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