May 12, 2015

24i Media launches breakthrough 4K OTT TV app for Videoland

Leading TV app developer 24i Media has launched a new 4K/UHD smart TV app on behalf of Videoland, the leading video-on-demand company owned by RTL, serving the Dutch and Belgian markets. 24i’s new app for Videoland will initially be available on Samsung, LG and Sony smart TVs, and it is the first of its kind to deliver 4K and UHD-quality “TV everywhere” content to Europe’s smart TV market.

“As the demand for streaming HD video grows, delivering that content in a user-friendly format required by leading-edge, connected devices grows that much greater. A large number of these devices are smart TVs. The 4K display market could be at least $52 billion by 2020 and our work with Videoland and RTL is an early milestone in what will eventually be a standard in the market, which we believe will be led by smart TVs” said 24i CEO Martijn van Horssen.

24i Media’s app for Videoland is the first to deliver 4K content for European market smart TVs, which are quickly replacing traditional sets across the globe. In conjunction with the Videoland release, 24i has also upgraded its Smart Operator app with live 4K capabilities on selected platforms, as a “virtual set-top box” application, combining traditional and OTT content delivery in a single, platform-agnostic user experience. The Smart Operator app enables fast software updates via the cloud to meet firmware and TV platform upgrades immediately and to improve quality and reduce playback bugs. The Smart Operator therefore not only realizes new and innovative revenue streams, it also drastically lowers costs of logistics, service and CAPEX for operators.

“I am very proud that we have again proven our ability to operate on the forefront of future TV developments. Streaming 4K-quality content on a smart TV, without the need for a set-top box or other hardware add-on, is the future not just of ‘TV Everywhere,’ but of television itself. Being able to provide subscription or transaction-based access to 4K content generates substantial new revenue streams for TV app owners. This next-generation TV app for our longtime client RTL is the latest step in a long list of TV innovations with them, from the catch-up services we started with to the new up-and-coming cross-sell possibilities of 4K content in innovative OTT and MCN propositions, engagements and transactions ” added van Horssen.

About 24i Media

24i conceives, designs, develops, deploys and maintains TV apps for any screen, from smart TVs to set-top boxes, game consoles, tablets and mobiles. Operating from offices in Amsterdam, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles, a talented team of media engineers and media professionals develops solutions for international clients such as RTL, Pathé, Nubeox, FOX Sports and many others. 24i is an innovative media technology company established in 2009, when the first connected TVs were just hitting the market. Since then, 24i has grown into a thought and product leader for TV app development, partnering with TV manufacturers, broadcasters, operators and content owners. With new initiatives such as over-the-top TV services, market dynamics for TV content delivery are changing rapidly. 24i Media aims to become a dominant player in this market.

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