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Apr 18, 2017


24i unveils cutting-edge CMS for VOD, SmartOTT Backstage

24i unveils cutting-edge CMS for VOD, SmartOTT Backstage   Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 13th 201724i Media, a leading provider of multi-screen TV apps, today announced the launch of SmartOTT Backstage, a powerful Content Management system (CMS) designed to empower content owners, broadcasters and operators to unlock the potential of premium video with a service that allows them to enrich and organize their content metadata, offers social interaction, smarter personalized recommendations, continued viewing and superb curated content collections- instantly responsive across devices and regions. SmartOTT Backstage is a cloud-based and modular system that sits between the clients’ video backend system and their front- end applications, a robust and flexible solution comprised of three core functionalities, an intuitive CMS, a metadata & data-source component and a robust API which enrich and organizes content. Attached to flexible integration points, SmartOTT Backstage handles curated content collections, recommended feeds, scheduling, data-sourcing and metadata whilst providing customers with the opportunity to set up and brand their front-end apps by selection from a rich variety of layout elements and branding options. “We’re super excited to announce the launch of our leading-edge SmartOTT Backstage,” said Martijn Van Horssen, CEO at 24i Media. “We wanted to empower our customers to take full control over their content and curation, with a comprehensive toolbox to manage data for each piece of content, enabling them to meet the demands from their viewers for a personalized service. Our newly launched SmartOTT Backstage enables our customers to leverage the power of metadata and third-party integrations to create a more personalized experience across all devices.” SmartOTT Backstage enables customers to take complete control of their product and content experience, including key features such as:

Seamless integrations; The solution further offers a comprehensive suite of connectors that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and partners, allowing customers to enable/disable a range of integrations. For example analytics (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics) or advertisement (FreeWheel, Google DFP), recommendation, etc.

Powerful and robust API: The flexible API is designed as an independent component, which is integrated with the SmartOTT Backstage Metadata/Data-source component. It can also connect to any source containing metadata, app configurations, etc.

An optimized unified point of access for all applications to retrieve app configurations, metadata and additional services not provided by the OVP, such as recommendations powered by Microsoft Azure.

Metadata enrichment system; a tool to import the metadata from the OVP into the system allowing clients to improve and differentiate their content data

Data-source and import/export tool for all application related configurations, including but not limited to; Template, Menu, Pages, Sections, Playlists, third party integration configurations.

Personalization – combining user preferences and rich metadata for customized content recommendations.

Content and metadata orchestration; a query builder & collection editor allowing customers to create curated playlists, meaningful content collections and schedule publishing- for smarter planning and scheduling of content workflows.

App configuration tool; allowing clients to select the modules & content they want to show on each page of their front-end apps, on any device.

Intuitive branding tool; enabling customers to incorporate their brand & look across all their apps, on any device, from uploading their logo to posting a promotional message.

Advanced user & role management; offering possibilities to customize the roles within an application with granular permissions.

Easily create application pages through a defined set of page blueprints (browse, search, settings), gives customers the freedom to arrange, schedule, order and publish their content as they wish.

The SmartOTT Backstage will be demoed at the 2017 NAB Show (Booth #SU11702CM), April 24 – 27, 2017, in Las Vegas. To learn more about the SmartOTT Backstage or to schedule a meeting with a 24i Media representative at the NAB Show, please visit: http://www.24i.com/meet-us-nab-2017/ About 24i Media (www.24i.com) 24i is a leading vendor in Smart TV apps for all devices including mobile, Smart TV, Set-top-boxes, Pc/ Mac , game consoles etc., empowering broadcasters, content owners and operators with future-proof and flexible tools to create and monetize personalized TV apps, while accelerating time-to-market and reducing cost. 24i’s technology framework powers the digital experience for leading brands around the world, including RTL, Fox Sports, Viacom Media Networks, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Televisa, Fuse Media and many more, delivering state-of-the-art OTT apps, designed to maximize ROI, create seamless consumer experiences and build personalized engagements across all platforms. 24i Media is headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Madrid and Brno. For more information, please visit www.24i.com.
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Jun 23, 2017


Futuresource: Smart TVs the top way to tune into Netflix

Smart TVs are the preferred way for customers to access content provided by a streaming service as revealed by FutureSource Consulting. According to a Futuresource senior market analyst, Jack Wetherill, smart TV was the leader in six markets that it had studied. Presenting data at the Futuresource New Content Horizons event in London, Futuresource senior market analyst, Jack Wetherill, said that the smart TV led in each of the six markets it had analysed. Spain led with 49% of Netflix users opting to watch via smart TV, followed by Italy at 42%, the UK at 35%, Germany at 32%, the US at 30% and France at 28%. Streaming media devices like Google Chromecast were the second-highest favoured option for accessing Netflix in four of the six countries, with PC or laptop viewing proving second most popular in Spain and Italy. Viewing Netflix via a set-top box did not rank among the top five viewing methods in any of the six markets – apart from France, where it came in fifth place with 8% of viewers saying they liked to view the SVOD service this way. Despite this, set-top box ownership in Western Europe climbed by 39% between 2012 and 2016 to have a presence in 111 million households, according to Futuresource. Smart TV ownership climbed by a larger 163% over the four-year period but only appeared in 79 million homes in the region in 2016, while digital media adaptor ownership grew by a massive 458% to appear in 22 million Western European homes. Wetherill said Futuresource expects 20 million set-top boxes – excluding free-to-air boxes – to be shipped in Western Europe this year, down just 1% year-on-year. This compares to 19 million smart TVs, up 6% year-on-year, and 13 million digital media adapters, up 16% year-on-year. “There’s a range of different devices there for consumers to be enjoying OTT content – it’s a complex landscape out there,” said Wetherill. “We know that the move from broadcast to IP is an irreversible trend, but for some of the reasons I’ve outlined, it will take time to move from a) to b) – in fact many years. The set-top box will remain part of that landscape for some years to come. “As somebody once described it, and it will no doubt be described again, the set-top box is kind of like the cockroach in a nuclear winter. It will be one of the things that survives this whirlwind of development in content and hardware. Source: Digital TV Europe  
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May 16, 2017


OTT Days in Singapore, May 24 at the Pan Pacific Hotel

We’re delighted to invite you to join the OTT Days in Singapore- a thought-leadership event for the future of OTT taking place during BroadcastAsia on May 24th from 3:00pm- 6:30pm at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Be inspired by industry thought leaders including; Vindicia, 24i Media, AWS Elemental, Diagnal and TiVo.

Across a half day, the OTT Days event in Singapore offers a free-to-attend summit that informs, inspires and connects members of the video, media and technology community with a combination of unique networking features and a high-level speaker program.  Join us as we discuss how video distribution is changing, how to meet the demands of the highly empowered viewers, how content will be funded, how to optimize technology to meet the growing industry demands. You will hear from the people who are pioneering new strategies and partnerships and exploiting new market opportunities. OTT Day Singapore is dedicated to exploring the OTT Ecosystem, providing attendees with a 360-degree insight into the entire OTT Ecosystem. The OTT Days event in Singapore is a must attend event for everyone working in the OTT Ecosystem, Entertainment, technology and IT professionals, content owners, media executives, analysts, investors and venture capitalists, broadcasters, operators, MSOs etc. The OTT Days event in Singapore is hosted by Vindicia, 24i Media, AWS Elemental, Diagnal and TiVo. For more information about the OTT Days in Singapore and to register for free tickets, please visit www.ottdays.com Networking Drinks reception We wrap up the OTT Days event in Singapore with a networking drinks reception at the Pan Pacific hotel. Network with c-level executives from the media and entertainment industry in the APAC region in a relaxed environment.
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