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Tailor made TV apps

With our services, we feature all of our knowledge, our technology and intellectual properties. Founded in 2009 and as a frontrunner in the industry, 24i has extensive experience in the digital TV distribution & OTT landscape.


As a media innovator, 24i is credited with numerous technological break-throughs in OTT, including the development of the first 4K on-demand & live streaming apps for Smart TVs.

Also, a first-of-its-kind virtual set-top box, enabling cable operators to deliver live TV and Video-on-Demand to all types of TV screens with a consistent user interface and innovative functionalities.

As thought leaders, 24i's management is invited to speak at numerous industry conferences on a frequent basis. Together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, 24i is a founding member of the Dutch Media Innovators network.It is exactly this valuable expertise that we’ve built up over years of professional practice, which we offer in various consultancy services.

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Boardroom presentations
  • Market research
  • Product analysis
  • Research & development


In our 24i FACTORY, we test and review apps every single day since 2009. And we’ve become really good at it, using sophisticated procedures and proprietary tooling.

It made 24i one of the best rated TV app agencies, known for its quality control and very efficient QA processing. 24i offers you that same experience and ensure a fast and successful QA with all major TV platform manufacturers. 24i will help and assist with technology, software, legal procedures and especially testing on all market-leading platforms. Not with emulation software, but directly and real-time on more than a hundred consumer devices and TV models in our test center.

Furthermore, being well-connected with all major device manufacturers and app stores in the industry, 24i has a fantastic track record for TV app quality assurance and approval for deployment by the manufacturers.


In our 24i FACTORY, we offer you access to the best independent TV laboratory in the world.

The skills and knowledge of our experts and specialists, combined with the infrastructure of software and hardware (over a hundred devices to test and to experiment with), facilitate an innovation greenfield for your engineers.

24i works with many R&D departments of manufacturers. Also 24i is engaged in various research projects with TNO, the leading Dutch research center and a major player in a growing international network comprised of leading scientific institutes, companies with ambitious development profiles, universities and other partners in knowledge.

There’s a good reason why the first European 4K TV app was developed here, in the centre of TV app innovation. Work with us, and let’s connect our people and our knowledge.

  • Dozens of devices, from SmartTV's to Media Players to test TV apps directly
  • Automated scripts and QA consultants to assist in testing and innovating your TV app
  • Knowledge bases for thousands of firmwares and solved) problems
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