SMART Template

Plug and play. No investment, no hassle

ott innovation

Are you service or platform provider in the OTT value chain? Do you want to deploy TV apps for your clients? In our 24i SHOP we present to you our SmartTemplate TV app front-end solution.

Our offer to our partners in the chain, that need a standardized front-end solution at the lowest costs, but with maximum quality, stability and innovation to it.

SmartTemplate is our ánd your answer to the exploding demand amongst broadcasters and brands to have an OTT distribution model in place This build-once, deploy-everywhere TV app template offers your clients easy access to the OTT market space. The SmartTemplate apps are constructed based on optimized designs, allowing to share content on all relevant TV platforms with the shortest time-to-market at ultra competitive costs.

No man left behind

Smart template is available on all relevant TV platforms. Such as various Smart TVs, game consoles, media players (like Amazon Fire TV and Roku), mobiles and tablets.

Kaltura, provider of the leading video technology platform has partnered with 24i Media to offer the SmartTemplate user interface as a new front end for its OTT TV platform.

The integration of the SmartTemplate TV app with Kaltura’s OTT TV backend platform means that companies can now launch a full multiscreen OTT service – the fastest time-to-market available today.

The integration builds on both companies’ expertise from large-scale OTT deployments, offering scalability and a template-based approach for easy customization and enhancements at any time.

24i’s TV Everywhere interface includes templates that have been incorporated into Kaltura’s OTT TV platform. This allows companies to launch a uniform OTT user experience across multiple devices from the outset. Supporting live and on-demand content, the interface offers an intuitive dashboard for easy navigation, social sharing and personalized user profiles across smart TVs, tablets, mobiles and other connected devices.