SmartOTT™ Backstage

Enrich your customer experiences

Cutting Edge AMS

SmartOTT Backstage™ is an award-wining cloud-based application management system which sits between your video backend system and front-end applications. It comprises an intuitive CMS, an application layout manager, and an integration management API layer which enriches organizes and presents content within your OTT application.

Attached to flexible integration points, SmartOTT Backstage™ handles curated content collections, recommended feeds, scheduling, data-sourcing, and metadata. It enables your content management and editing team to effortlessly set up and brand your OTT application by selecting from a rich variety of layout elements and branding options.

  • Seamless integrations
  • Powerful and robust API
  • An optimized unified point of access
  • Metadata enrichment system
  • App configuration tool

Product Benefits