Smart Video

Video Delivery Engine

Smart Video is a feature-rich platform that gives video providers the operational flexibility to deliver video from any source to devices anywhere with a modular architecture.

From content ingest, to multi-platform distribution, the End-To-End 24i Smart Video engine enriches metadata and provides a common media backend architecture and web-services to support subscriber segmentation, personal recommendations and on-the-fly media packaging for multicast, HLS and MPEG-DASH video services. 24i Smart Video bridge the gap for operators to execute a compelling, differentiated OTT video service offerings without compromising ROI or missing out on the wave of growth driven by changes in viewing behaviours, refining video offering and technology solution in a single, iterative effort.

Key Features

  • A scalable cloud-based model designed to leverage existing and/or 3rd party technologies
  • Options for on- or off-premise deployment of relevant workloads
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Monitoring of operational health

Product Benefits

End-to-End Service

  • Modular platform to simplify service creation & content
  • Multiscreen capabilities
  • Rich functionality

Robust Ecosystem

  • Integrated 24i frontend
  • Unified streaming
  • Open APIs

Optimize Operations

  • Hybrid cloud architecture provides a mix of on and off-premise resources
  • Scalable pricing
  • Service management

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