Smart Video

Simplify end-to-end video streaming workflows with Smart Video for flexible, more efficient operations

Behind every great streaming application there’s a web of technologies to ingest, upload, manage, secure and deliver video content and metadata in many formats for different consumer devices. Smart Video untangles that web.


The modular Smart Video platform is a turn-key solution for all video preparation and delivery tasks. This makes it an ideal choice for any project, be it a pay TV operator platform or a pure-OTT service.


Whether you’re replacing an existing video infrastructure, adding new capabilities, or starting from scratch, you don’t want to pay for functionality you don’t need.


At the same time, it’s essential to maintain operational efficiency, scalability for future growth and interoperability with third party solutions.


The Smart Video modular approach means you’re free to take only the modules you need, and to plug-in your choice of existing and new components. Our flexible deployment options and usage-based business models also make Smart Video a good fit for every stage of your streaming journey.

Configurable architecture for every business need

Cloud or on-premises? The choice is yours with our flexible architecture options.

Smart Video on-premises

  • Support linear TV, time-shift, catch-up & network PVR
  • Ingest EPG and enrich metadata
  • OSS/BBS integration for user entitlements
  • Package with CA and/or DRM
  • Wide variety of 3rd party integrations, re-use of your existing infrastructure

Smart Video in the Cloud

  • A turnkey, end-to-end video solution for OTT streaming services
  • Linear channels, live events & VOD
  • Full cloud hosting and automated deployment for faster time-to-market
  • Multi DRM packaging on-the-fly
  • Auto-scaling to grow with your business

End-to-end coverage:

Choose the video support that suits your business

Mix-and-match the functionality you require for the deployment model of your choice


Locate ingest servers on your premises or in the Cloud, depending on your business needs. Upload VOD files or encode live streams with full support for time-shift and nPVR. Smart Video can work with existing encoding resources to maximize your existing investments.


Ingest and edit metadata and images to enhance your user experience. Import third-party data (e.g. Gracenote, Red Bee Rovi etc.). Create forward and backward EPGs, connect to external recommendation engines and make your metadata available to other systems via API’s.


Transcode to HLS, DASH or Smooth Streaming for live and VOD on every device. Package with multi-DRM (Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay) or leading CA solutions depending on your deployment model. Configure content rules: geo-blocking, concurrent stream limits, user entitlements, parental controls.


Choose cloud-hosted or on-premises origin servers to host your streams, files, nPVR and time-shifted TV. Cloud-hosted resources feature auto-scaling. Optional capacity monitoring ensures hardware optimization in on-premises deployments.


Smart Video is CDN-agnostic. Select our private CDN solution or one of our pre-integrated partners to best suit your budget and enjoy fastest deployment. Or bring your own CDN solution for easy integration.


Optional service management and monitoring for all kinds of deployment. Collects hundreds of metrics including CPU usage, capacity, storage utilization, API response times, server and database loads, DRM key rotations, ingest monitoring and transcode queues.


Generate user-friendly reports from on-premises deployments to reveal content consumption data and trends, including usage by OS, device type, browser version etc. Reporting for cloud deployments is typically performed through the Backstage APIs.

Backstage & Smart Apps

Both cloud and on-premises deployments are seamlessly integrated with the cloud-based Backstage solution for content management  and to provide content to front-end applications created using the Smart Apps cross-platform codebase.

Ads & Recommendations

On-premises deployments can connect third-party advertising solutions and recommendation engines via Smart Video APIs to support AVOD and drive user engagement. Integrations for cloud deployments use the Backstage APIs.


Smart Video’s rich APIs can be used to easily integrate a pay TV operator’s existing OSS/BSS system to synchronize user entitlements and subscriptions across all connected applications.

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