Smart Apps

App Development and Publishing Framework

The video app development framework and its modular architecture give media businesses confidence with:

Smart OTT

Reach, Engage and Grow your Audience

Smart OTT provides turn-key video application development platform to allow content owners and broadcasters to provide consumers with an intuitive and engaging user interface for enjoying live and on demand video content.

An advanced cross-screen development framework and modular architecture gives media businesses confidence in delivering:

Smart Operator

Engage Your Subscribers With A Branded, Multi-Screen Experience

Smart Operator is the turn-key video app development platform required by pay-TV providers delivering live and on-demand, linear or streaming services via an intuitive and consistent user interface on any and all devices.

Smart Operator expands the pay-TV providers capabilities for:

Smart Apps offers Video Service Providers a new approach to revitalize existing services, extend their reach with new services, and engage subscribers.

Key Features

Product Benefits

Accelerate Time-to-Market

  • Intuitive templates
  • Streamlined app development
  • Efficient integrations

Increase Subscriber Loyalty

  • Visually-rich user interface
  • Content-driven UI
  • Fully-branded app

Optimize Operations

  • Budget-friendly productized solution
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Simple workflows

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