Day 4: Episode 8 – IBC On Location with 24i

Published September 11th, 2020

24i Gets A New Look

In the last episode of our IBC On Location series, Florian Laroye, 24i’s VP Design shares the journey the 24i brand is taking and the design principles that he and 24i Brand Designer, Katya Rassadina, are using to guide them along the way. 

Florian Laroye, VP Design at 24i

While 24i has developed enormously during its 11-year history, however, our brand has only had one update in all that time. About a year ago we decided it was time to apply the same creativity and innovation we bring to our industry to our own brand and give it a serious refresh.  

To do this Katya and I have followed a few key principles:

Firstly, we removed the slash from the 24i logo to simplify it to the extreme. The numbers 24 and the letter ‘i’  are enough and say it all: 24i = 24 Innovation. 

Secondly, we replaced our letter fonts with modern alternatives. This helps us stand out in an ecosystem where companies are mostly fairly conservative in their branding. 

The third principle is the introduction of two, new, primary colors – Crimson (pink?) and Peacock. Crimson evolves us from our previous dark red color pallet, brightening up our brand and representing our passion for what we do. Peacock represents 24i’s professionalism and offers a darker more stable complement to the bright and fiery Crimson color.

We have already rolled out our new branding across our social channels, marketing campaigns, and materials and we look forward to it taking centerstage in our new 24i website which is coming soon. 

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